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This searchable calendar lists coastal management-related events in the default order of current, upcoming, unscheduled, and on-going; past events may be viewed by selecting the ‘Include Past Events’ option.  An event can be searched by keyword, date, type of event, location, category, audience, or partners involved.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to e-mail us.

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JULY, 2005
  • Hypoxia Response Workshop
    Workshop, County: Georgetown [Georgetown], July 07, 2005
    A follow up workshop to the Long Bay Hypoxia Study workshop on June 14th, 2005, to define a coordinated response plan for any future hypoxia events within Long Bay.
  • Coastal Development Alternatives: Innovative Case Studies from the Low Country
    Workshop, County: Georgetown [Litchfield], December 08, 2005
    Category(s): Low Impact Development
    This training event is the latest installment in a series of workshops focusing on watershed-sensitive site design. This event is intended to provide developers, planners, architects, landscape architects, stormwater managers, engineers, and conservation interests with practical strategies for designing, permitting, and constructing neighborhoods that optimize social quality of life, natural resource protection, and economic viability in the coastal zone of South Carolina.
  • Georgetown County Watershed and Stormwater Training
    Training, County: Georgetown [Georgetown], February 13, 2006
    Category(s): Watershed Management
    This event, which was designed and implemented by the partners in the Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Consortium (CWSEC) provided targeted, customized training for elected, appointed, and staff officials in Georgetown County and its associated...
  • Stormwater Education Workshop
    Workshop, County: Georgetown [Conway], February 13, 2006
    A stormwater education activity that will incoropate NEMO principles for elected and appointed officials. The workshop will focus on NPS pollution and stormwater, management practices and incentives, and guidance for better site design and planning.
JUNE, 2006
MAY, 2008
  • Design & Development: Stormwater & Your Bottom Line
    Seminar, County: Georgetown [Litchfield, SC], May 28, 2008
    Category(s): Stormwater Management, Non-point Source Pollution, Low Impact Development, Land Use Planning
    This seminar focuses on Low Impact Development (LID). Presenters will explain the importance of stormwater, local stormwater regulations, and how LID practices can satisfy these regulations, satisfy a developer's bottom line, and protect resources.
  • Best Practices, Best Results: On Site Stormwater Regulations, Responsibility & Management
    Seminar, County: Georgetown [Litchfield, SC], May 28, 2008
    Category(s): Water Quality, Stormwater Management, Non-point Source Pollution
    This seminar targets local contractors working in Georgetown County to address on-site Best Management Practices, illicit discharges, and local stormwater regulations.
  • 2010 Waccamaw Conference
    Conference, County: Georgetown [Waccamaw Higher Education Center in Litchfield], February 20, 2010
    Category(s): Watershed Management, Water Quality, Non-point Source Pollution
    An annual educational conference for the public to learn about the importance of our freshwater resources and how to protect them. Exhibitors and speakers will be on hand to provide information on local environmental issues. Tickets are $10 per person.
AUGUST, 2010
  • Beyond Pipe and Pond: Stormwater Workshop
    Workshop, County: Georgetown [Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center, Georgetown, SC], August 05, 2010
    Category(s): Water Quality, Stormwater Ponds, Stormwater Management, Low Impact Development
    This one-day workshop features science based, technical information and research results related to the design and performance of stormwater treatment systems.
  • Roadmap for Adapting to Coastal Risks Workshop
    Workshop, County: Georgetown [Waccamaw Higher Education Center, Litchfield, SC], September 30, 2010
    Category(s): Coastal Erosion, Climate Change/Sea Level Rise, Coastal Hazards & Hurricanes, Community Development Issues, Shoreline Change, Watershed Management
    This training introduces the "roadmap" assessment methodology designed to help communities characterize their exposure and vulnerability to coastal hazards and assess how to address them.